What We Offer

Accounting Services

Our Accounting Team consists of Certified Accountants with significant experience in accounting and tax requirements. 

Our accountants are able to maintain your company’s accounting records allowing for the preparation of annual financial statements and  monthly or quarterly management accounts.

If the company is registered for VAT, it will be required to submit monthly VAT returns. It will also be necessary to submit P.A.Y.E (Payroll Taxes) monthly and annual Tax Returns.
The above are all services which are provided by our accounting team.


Financial Services

Through our association with various financial institutions our clients are able to receive advice and gain access to a range of financial products offered by leading international & local banks and other financial groups. Our aim is to design a tailor-made portfolio to suit the client’s needs and circumstances.

For clients interested in investing in real estate, Ebenezer can assist with both the selection of suitable properties and obtaining mortgage financing. We are also able to source capital for business expansion schemes and investment gearing opportunities.

Business Facilitation

Our knowledge and experience of business in Guyana allows us to act as a gateway between investors and local businesses, offering our clients endless expansion possibilities. 

Through our trusted and long-standing relationships with investors, as well as owners and key decision makers of major business groups across a vast diversity of industries, Ebenezer has been instrumental in the establishment of joint ventures and investments between our clients in various parts of the world.

These have included projects as straightforward as locating a potential partner for the distribution of goods or services in a new region to assignments as challenging as bringing together a consortium of investors to fund a major real estate development.



Import- We offer complete brokerage services for vehicular, loose, and containerized cargo. Whether it is ASYCUDA submissions or entire package deals of examination and clearance, Ebenezer has got you covered! Auto dealers, we have special pricing for you! Let us handle all declarations and clearance of your vehicles whether it is duty payable or private warehouse and even applications for exemptions.

Export- Exporting can be a hassle, fortunately Ebenezer is here for you. From booking with the shipping agents to scanning your container, we will prepare all your export documentation and acquire the necessary approvals, permits and licenses etc. Let us help you to get international!

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General Questions

Following changes to the legislation, Value Added Tax was reduced from 16% to 14% in 2017.

VAT Returns are due within fifteen working days after the end of each tax period, whether or not tax is payable for said period. For example, for the tax period January 2021, the deadline for the submission of a VAT Return will be within fifteen (15) working days in the month of February 2021 (February 19, 2021). As such, weekends and holidays are always excluded when calculating the deadline.

A Certificate of Compliance is a document issued by the GRA to an individual or company as proof that all outstanding tax returns were filed and taxes due, paid.